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High pressure nickel based large caliber top mounted ball valve
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In March 21, 2017, Shanghai Limited by Share Ltd successfully delivered a large number of high pressure nickel based large bore top mounted ball valves to Russian Luke oil company. The 36 inch 600LB high pressure nickel based large caliber top mounted ball valve is the first, perfect the completion of the project, marking the Shanghai kaigong valve in large size, high pressure, the design of harsh conditions of top mounted valve manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved and the production process of high sulfur oil and gas valve control is mature.

High sulfur nickel based high pressure conditions of large caliber top loading type ball valve used in gas valve, the operating conditions and requirements of the valve body and the sealing material can effectively prevent sulfide stress cracking (SSC) and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), the body material of carbon steel, weld INCONEL 625, effective surfacing layer thickness not less than 3mm. of the valve's performance can meet the operating requirements of the valve. Therefore in order at the beginning of the kaigong valve on the organization of the engineering and technical personnel to set up a special project team to conduct technical research, innovative design, improve the processing technology, spent heavily in the introduction of Austria FRONIUS intelligent wire welding equipment, successfully solved the problem of dilution rate and stomatal INCONEL 625 surfacing layer, design and quality of the valve is received user evaluation.

Although in recent years the valve industry overall downturn, Shanghai kaigong valve Limited by Share Ltd has never stopped the development of innovative investment, the introduction of five axis machining center, CNC automatic grinding machine and other sophisticated equipment, and constantly develop new products, and actively participate in the high-end valve "the country into" projects, promote the localization process of high-end valve. Won high praises from the customers.

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